Arches, a visual masterpiece can add the glitter than your house needs simply because curved lines appear softer to the eye than straight lines. To soften a space, there is nothing more useful than using arches. Arches look good everywhere – doors, windows, ceilings, windows. Arches are attractive.

Lone Star Custom Trim has a decade long experience of installing beautiful wooden arches and changing the way a house looks. Lone Star Custom Trim provides its vide range of service in North Texas, Dallas-Texas and Frisco-Texas to bring about a revolution in the way the architecture industry works.

Lone Star Custom Trim is a fully professional company which ensures that homeowners and builders of North Texas, Dallas-Texas and Frisco-Texas need not worry about things like which carpenter to choose from, what design to select, whether the work will be completed on time, whether the final product will be as per what discussed, whether the carpenter will report to work on a particular day. Lone Star Custom Trim handpicks its carpenter from the entire pool of carpenters available in DFW Metropolis. The carpenters are then given extensive training on not only how to do their job but also how to interact with customers. Our carpenters are smart and professional. They love what they do and it shows in the finesse with which they finish every work.

At Lone Star Custom Trim, we believe customer is the king. Hence, if you are a homeowner or a builder, we assure you, whatever you want, you will get. We have such a vast portfolio of wooden arches that we are sure, you will get what you want. And when you see the finished product, you will fall in love with it. The Lone Star Custom Trim team of customer service executives spend quality time with homeowners and builders understanding their requirements. For us, no requirement is unimportant. Any need, however small it may be, will be addressed by the Lone Star Custom Trim team. In fact it is due to this attention to detail that we have made a customer base so strong that they swear by us and recommend us to everyone. Much of our business is through repeat customers who come to us by simple word of mouth advertising. We have modified the way houses in North Texas, Dallas-Texas and Frisco-Texas look by installation of wooden arches.

At Lone Star Custom Trim, we know how impatient someone can get to own a beautiful house. Hence, for each and every project, we keep a strict deadline. In fact, the deadline is usually so stiff that companies in the custom trim industry will shy away from them. At Lone Star Custom Trim, we are particularly proud to have excelled in deadlines set by ourselves. We have beaten the deadline every single time over delivering on our promise of timely delivery of a project. We assure you, wooden arches made by us will look so good that you will love us for it. Contact us today to see magic unfold in front of your eyes.

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