Tongue and Groove panelling is a type of wall or ceiling panelling which can create a world of difference to your house. In fact of all the types panelling available, tongue and groove panelling is most probably the most dramatic one. Tongue and groove panelling’s rich texture and striped pattern dramatically changes the entire look and feel of a room giving it more substance.

If you have been thinking of adding a little extra drama to your house, the Lone Star Custom Trim team suggests adding Tongue and Groove panelling to your house. We also invite you to try the Lone Star Custom Trim magic which is now available in DFW Metroplex. We are confident that the kind of finishing and finesse we can provide to your panelling, no other custom trim company across North Texas can match up.

Lone Star Custom Trim, we have a specialized creative team to provide innovative solutions to your requirements. In fact, our level of creativity especially with respect to panelling is unheard of in North Texas. So is our finishing and customer service.

Lone Star Custom Trim employs a team of handpicked carpenters especially trained to service your needs. A Lone Star Custom Trim carpenter has to go through various training modules to deliver the best value for your dream home. Our team of carpenters also go through training on how to interact with customers to ensure that each and every customer is handled with utmost care of caution. We bet you have not seen a bunch of carpenters so professional and sophisticated in entire Texas.

Customer service is engraved in each and every Lone Star Custom Trim team member. All our processes are streamlined to ensure minimum customer effort. Lone Star Custom Trim team of specially trained customer executives ensure that there’s never a customer call which goes unanswered and there’s never a customer need which goes unattended. Each and every member of the Lone Star Custom Trim customer service team spends hours with customers at the beginning of a project to ensure homeowners and builders love the finished product. If they don’t love it, we remove it. For us, customer service is the bible and be abide by it.

Since serving the customer is prime to our operation, we give strict attention to quality and timeliness. Lone Star Custom Trim has strict quality control technique to ensure all raw materials used in a project is premium grade. Our confidence about our quality translates into the two year warranty we provide to homeowners and builders for all our finished products. Have you heard of any other custom trim company in North Texas who does that?

At Lone Star Custom Trim, we don’t like to keep our customers waiting. Hence we fix strict timelines for completing the job and almost always be beat the deadline. This is why customers love us and come back to us again and again.

We, at Lone Star Custom Trim create dreams, not just homes.

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