Women love spending hours in front of the mirror dressing up and getting appreciated for the result. Dressing up nicely is not an easy task. It is an art that not all women can master. What can help provide them inspiration are beautiful looking mirror. Mirrors, so nice that you will love looking at it and who looks back at you.

Lone Star Custom Trim brings its vast experience of installation of world class mirror features now to Dallas, Texas. Lone Star Custom Trim are pioneers in providing creativity and changing the look and feel of entire houses across DFW Metroplex.

Lone Star Custom Trim is a professionally run company which ensures each and every project is completed with great finesse and on time. In fact, Lone Star Custom Trim team takes such strict deadlines that other custom trim companies in Dallas, Texas will shy away from. And we are proud that in each and every project, we have beaten the deadline.

Lone Star Custom Trim employs the best carpenters handpicked from Dallas, Texas to give homeowners and builders the best in class service. Our team of carpenters not only work professionally, they look professional and they talk with sophistication. Each and every carpenter of Lone Star Custom Trim team is given training to handle customers efficiently to ensure maximum customer satisfaction. Hence, they complete each project professionally, ensure maximum cleanliness while working and conduct the work with regularity and dedication.

Customer Focus is the prime motto of Lone Star Custom Trim. We don’t want homeowners and builders don’t have to take any hassle at all. Hence, each and every process of Lone Star Custom Trim is customer friendly from contacting us to completing the job. When homeowners and builders of Dallas, Texas want to contact us, they simply have to fill up a form in the Contact Us section of our website www.lonestarcustomtrim.com and submit the same. The Lone Star Custom Trim team of customer service executives will call back the customers and provide assistance. Throughout the project, each and every member of the Lone Star Custom Trim team works relentlessly to ensure that we build your dream home for you. We consider ourselves not home builders but dream merchants. Lone Star Custom Trim converts dreams into reality.

In this process of converting dream into reality, we ensure strict quality control. Each and every raw material that goes into completing a project is of the finest quality. If it is not of premium quality, we don’t like it and it doesn’t even see the light of the day. Such stringent quality control measures gives us the confidence to provide you with a two year warranty on all our projects. Lone Star Custom Trim takes pride in being one of the very few custom trim company in Dallas, Texas to do so.

Contact Lone Star Custom Trim and give your woman the gift of the best mirror feature in your neighbourhood, something that she will love forever.

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