Tongue and Groove panelling is a type of wall or ceiling panelling which can create a world of difference to your house. In fact of all the types panelling available, tongue and groove panelling is most probably the most dramatic one. Tongue and groove panelling’s rich texture and striped pattern dramatically changes the entire look […]

Arches, a visual masterpiece can add the glitter than your house needs simply because curved lines appear softer to the eye than straight lines. To soften a space, there is nothing more useful than using arches. Arches look good everywhere – doors, windows, ceilings, windows. Arches are attractive. Lone Star Custom Trim has a decade […]

Every family wants to impart habits of good health in their family. Well, there is one easy and beautiful way to do so. Invest in a plant ledge and install indoor plants and gift your family oxygen. Beautiful plant ledges not only add value to a house in terms of greenery, they make the house […]