Watching a movie in a theater is every family’s favorite pastime. Ask any Lone Star Custom Trim customer and they will say there is no need to visit a theater if you experience the Lone Star Custom Trim magic.

At Lone Star Custom Trim, we create theater rooms so innovative and cozy that you would not want to leave your home again. And here’s the good news, the pioneers of custom trim are now operating across the North Texas, Dallas Texas and Frisco Texas to provide innovative solutions to usual queries.

Lone Star Custom Trim is a professionally managed company ensuring each and every project is completed smoothly without any glitch. Lone Star Custom Trim team specially trains its executives to maintain highest level of customer service. Hence, when homeowners and builders work with us, they are provided with a customer executive team who are always there for their clients. All requirements communicated to the Lone Star Custom Trim customer executive team is duly communicated to the ground staff for onward execution.

The real estate boom in Texas has resulted in the appearance of a pool of carpenters who range from being outstanding to being substandard. This poses a lot of inconvenience for the homeowners and builders in the form of deciding whom to employ. It often happens that the work is left incomplete by this individual carpenters or the finished products are not up to expectation. With the Lone Star Custom Trim advantage, homeowners and builders of North Texas, Dallas Texas and Frisco Texas need not worry about scouting for carpenters at all. Lone Star Custom Trim handpicks its team of carpenters and does not tolerate anything beyond excellent. These handpicked team of carpenters are then provided extensive training to ensure that they deliver the best for our customers. Lone Star Custom Trim group of carpenters love that they create love nests for families and they work with equal love and affection. They are a group of professional looking carpenters which we bet you haven’t seen anywhere in the whole of North Texas, Dallas Texas and Frisco Texas.

North Texas, Dallas Texas and Frisco Texas pays strict attention to quality. Our raw material suppliers have to go through extensive training on what is acceptable by us and what is not. If a raw material is not good, we will not put it in a project. We are a fully insured company and we love our customers. So we pass on the benefit to the client in the form of a two year warranty on all our work. We do not know any other custom trim company in the whole of Texas who do so.

We invite you to see the Lone Star Custom Trim advantage yourself. We can be easily contacted by filling up a form in the Contact Us section of our website. We call back our customers within 24 hours of form filling to provide assistance. Come and see the difference yourself. We are confident that you will never look anywhere else.

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